1) Q. How do I request a consultation or submit my content to an industry professional?
A. 1. First create an account as a solo artist, vocalist, band, songwriter, producer, manager or independent label. 2. Build your profile by uploading your songs, videos, video bio. 3. Click "request consult" to select the industry pro in which you want to submit your content, or click the "industry pro" tab. Industry pros have 30 days to to contact you for your live one-on-one consultation.

2) Q. What is SignThatArtists' mission?
A. Sign That Artists' mission is to provide a platform that assists aspiring independent artists in becoming successful independent artists at any level in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to also bridge the gap between independent artists and industry pros getting both parties face-to-face asking direct questions, getting direct answers and possibly a recording, publishing or distribution deal. We provide a platform that allows independent artists to fully showcase their music and performance ability to an Industry Pro of their choice.

3) Q. When uploading personal info in my biography section, will my phone number be publicly displayed?
A. No. Only Administration can view your phone number. This is in the event that we want to personally contact you to promote your music or to inform you of a contest you have won.

4) Q. How many songs and or videos can I upload to Sign That Artist?
A. 50 songs 50 music videos, and 1 video biography.

5) Q. How does SignThatArtist help Industry Professionals.
A. SignThatArtist help Industry Pros' in many different ways. Here at SignThatArtist.com, Industry Pros' have an online talent review network that comes available in all genres at their fingertips. Industry Pros' are able to browse all artists music, videos, and written/video bio's in it's entirety, eliminating mail-in compact discs (CD's) video tapes, travel expenses etc.

6) Q. As a fan, how do I send an artists' video to "My Favorites?"
A. Log in, and go to the artists' profile you are interested in. Find the video you want to add to your favorites and click the "add to favorites" tab. Your song is now added to your page.

7) Q. As a Fan, how do I delete artists' videos from my "Favorites?"
A. Log in, click the "Favorites" tab. The video you want to delete will appear in the video area above, and click delete tab.

8) Q. Can I advertise on SignThatArtist.com?
A. Yes. Send us your contact information, your budget, and a message in the Administrative section at the bottom of the page. Allow us 5 business days to respond.

9) Q. Who can join SignThatArtist.com?
A. Anyone who is a fan, aspiring artist, band, songwriter, vocalist, manager or independent label trying to promote themselves, gain exposure, or trying to get in direct contact with an Industry Pro or A&R rep.

10) Q. Can I sign up if my band is not in the U.S.?
A. Yes.

11) Q. Are there any guarantees of getting a recording contract?
A. I'm sorry to say that there are absolutely no guarantees of any artist getting a recording contract. What we do guarantee is, if you submit your music portfolio to an Industry Pro on SignThatArtist.com, the Industry Pro you have selected has 30 days to call you and set up a video consult, or your paid submission fees will be refunded.

12) Q. Who are some of the Industry Pros/A&R reps I can submit my music portfolio to?
A. Refer to the Industry Pros' tab on the Home Page, we will be adding more as time progress.

13) Q. Should I copyright my material before uploading it to SignThatArtist.com?
A. Yes. Always for your protection copyright all material before uploading it anywhere. For questions on copyrighting or copyright laws, please contact the US Washington DC Office for forms at (202)707-9100 or for more info at (202)707-3000.

14) Q. Can I sing or rap over artists beats?
A. Absolutely not. Legally you are violating the rights of that copyright owner. SignThatArtist.com has listed under the GENRE section "PRODUCER" where you can browse an aspiring artist beats and contact them for purchasing the rights.

15) Q. If someone has violated the rights of my song(s), or material, what are company procedures for me to handle a situation like this?
A. Read over our Infringement Policy and allow us 10 to 14 business days to resolve this issue.

16) Q. As an artist, can I delete any song or video, upload new ones, and send them to the same or a different Industry Professional?
A. Absolutely. But keep in mind, the songs you delete will also be deleted from other Industry Pros' inbox. or fans pages that your material has gone.

17) Q. Can another artist member transfer my music to their page?
A. No. Other sites like Youtube or MySpace, allows them to copy and paste your URL to their page, but internally, an artist member cannot transfer another artist member material to their page. You can set your profile to "Private," not allowing any visitor or Industry Pro to view your content until you submit it for a review/consult.