How It Works

Are you having problems finding, meeting, talking to a music industry representative or wondering if they've actually reviewed your music and videos? Have you ever said to yourself, “If they could only hear me sing, if they could only hear my voice, my music, if they could only see me perform, if I could just get my music to the right person I know I'd get a recording or distribution deal"?

No more excuses. Here it is. has created 3 quick and easy steps to put you in direct contact with an industry representative of your choice. We've developed a way for you to directly contact an industry representative and schedule a live face-to-face video chat about your music profile. These industry representatives offer different opportunities to help you further your career in music. All of this can be done from the comfort of your living room. No more travel costs, taking time off from work, hotel costs or arriving at a music conference only to be rushed, or not be able to have your questions answered. Save all of that time and money and put it where you could really use it, STUDIO TIME AND MARKETING. Just follow these 3 quick and easy steps.

1. Get an artist membership

2. Upload music and videos

3. Click "INDUSTRY PRO" tab to browse, research and select an industry pro's available opportunities to submit your music portfolio for a LIVE video chat while going over your music profile.

IT'S JUST THAT EASY. Take a few minutes and create your music profile. Click "Industry Pro," or click "AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY," and select an industry representative of your choice to submit your music profile. The industry representative you have selected will contact you within 30 days to consult, answer any questions you may have, or provide the services you have requested.

This site offers a lot support and assistance to artists, producers, managers and independent labels that are attempting to get a recording or distribution contract, while providing the same tools and support necessary to become a successful, independent artist.

Link your affiliate social media sites (FaceBook, Twitter, InstaGram, MySpace, YouTube, ReverbNation) etc., to your account to help create and build your SignThatArtist fanbase. If you have your music on Amazon, Itunes, DatPiff, CdBaby, Spotify, Soundcloud or TuneCore, sell your music to your fans who have subscribed to your SignThatArtist account. 

Have complete and direct access to industry representatives for a live, face-to-face consultation. Find out exactly what it is they're looking for. If you're interested in what these industry representatives are offering or promoting, subscribe to their page and receive the latest updates as they update their timeline. IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE!